And some people never got it: “a DREAMER!” sputters

But it was clear from the train that the people in charge had abandoned it to the masses. No one was enforcing the rules any longer. With the help of American activists. This point was vividly driven home to me during a trip to Fort De Soto Park in Pinellas County (near St. Petersburg), Florida. Late one afternoon, I was standing near the end of the park long fishing pier.

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There’s no leadership involved there. Now, there might be leadership on the bench, but when you get them now and you give them verbiage and they have to spit that verbiage out, use a snap count, change a snap count, they are light years behind. Light years behind.”.

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“LCD manufacturers clearly won the marketing war with the ‘burn in’ issue,” says David Berman, the director of training for the Home Theater Specialists of America, a national association of home theater experts. “Plasma TVs are known to burn in when a fixed image, such as a logo or stock ticker, stays on the screen for an extended period of time, and I’m talking 800 to 1,000 hours. Even then, plasma manufacturers have found a way to beat it.

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